Review: Vibratex Magic Wand Original (Hitachi)

The Magic Wand Original was one of the first vibrators I ever bought. Please keep this in mind when reading any other reviews, because it seriously is INTENSE.


The Hitachi first piqued my interest years ago, when I was about seventeen and still living with my parents. The reviews for it I read promised ridiculous power and equally powerful orgasms, and I wanted it. Badly. But back then, there was no way I could’ve concealed how loud it was. So instead I bought a mini key chain version, which was as adorable as it was disappointing. (It died after one underwhelming use. Don’t buy it.)

But when I moved into an apartment with my boyfriend, and could make as many loud, sex-related noises as I wanted, I bought one immediately! It was a good thing I waited, because this thing sounds like a damn power tool. And with a range of 5000-6000 vibrations per minute, it pretty much is.

While I already knew about the noise level, the pictures didn’t prepare me for how BIG this thing is. It’s twelve inches long from the top of the head to the base of the handle. The head itself is 2.5 inches across and 2 inches tall. It’s powered by a six foot long electrical cord. I usually use it while laying on my bed, plugging it into a nearby outlet, so the cord length’s never been an issue for me, but it could be a problem for some people. The head has a very slight texture. It’s not enough that I can feel it, but all kinds of gunk always gets trapped in the little grooves. The Hitachi was originally designed as a body massager, so I understand that it’s not prepared to handle vag gunk. It still bugs me, though. It doesn’t add anything, and the way it traps dirt annoys the hell out of me. I use a nail brush to make sure I get it clean, but you could also use an old toothbrush.

The Hitachi has two settings, low and high, which you can control with the switch on the handle. The high setting is usually too much for me at first, so I like to warm up with the low setting and then move up to high once I’m ready. I’ve also found that the vibrations are too strong to use directly on my clitoris. Instead, I just press the Hitachi’s head onto my whole vulva. The vibrations are powerful enough that they easily penetrate deep enough to stimulate the whole clitoris this way. Using by myself is awesome, but one of my favorite things to do is use it during sex with my boyfriend: I sit on top of him, and wedge it between us so that the head is resting against my vulva.

The orgasms that I have with the Hitachi are frankly ridiculous, and I love them. They’re intense, whole body orgasms that leave me exhausted. When I use it, I have to make sure my schedule is clear for the rest of the day, because it leaves me with the strength of a wet noodle. Especially if I squirt. I’ve had some of the most intense orgasms of my life with this toy.

I love and would definitely recommend the Hitachi, but with a few stipulations. As much as I love it, it’s a specialized tool. It’s incredibly good at what it’s designed to do: delivering strong vibrations that give me intense orgasms. But it’s too intense for me to use regularly, especially during longer masturbation sessions or partnered sex. Many people recommend it as a beginner’s toy. Even though it was one of the first toys I purchased, I disagree. While it worked for me, it could easily be overwhelming, especially if you’re not already familiar with what kind of stimulation you like.

So if you’re looking for a well-rounded toy that’s good for everyday use, buy something else. But if you want something super powerful that’ll give you an orgasm so strong you won’t be able to get anything else done that day? Buy a Hitachi.

The Magic Wand Original is available from Early to Bed in the U.S.


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